All the talks will happen on the EPFL campus in room BC 01 that is located just to the left of the main entrance to the BC building (see the map). To get to building BC from the center of Lausanne, one needs to take the M1 metro train in direction of Renens and exit at the station EPFL (the ride takes about 13 minutes). Next, one needs to take a short walk from the EPFL station as pictured here. The timetable of M1 line to/from EPFL can be checked here. A one-way ride costs 3 CHF and one should buy the ticket in a vending machine before boarding the train (more details can be found here).

Important note: All hotels in Lausanne, upon request, will provide a free pass for the Lausanne public transportation that is valid for the duration of your stay (you can use this pass on the M1 line, as well as, on the rest of the extensive bus and metro network). Don't forget to make sure that you get one!

Getting to Lausanne

EPFL is located in Lausanne in Switzerland, on the shores of the largest lake in Europe, Lake Geneva and at the foot of the Alps and Mont-Blanc. Lausanne is only 60 km from Geneva International Airport. There are frequent (at least, four per hour) direct train connections between Lausane center and the airport (trip takes approx. 45 minutes). Train also provides an easy connection to the rest of Switzerland and Europe (e.g., Zurich: 2:30 hrs trip, 2 trains/hour; Paris: 4 hrs trip, 4 trains/day).

Getting from Geneva airport to Lausanne by train:

After passing through customs, turn to your left and walk till the end of the terminal. Go through the revolving door that will take you straight to the railway station. Buy your ticket for Lausanne at the counter on the opposite side of the hall or at vending machines (credit cards or CHF cash accepted) - one-way ticket in second class costs CHF 25 and first class ticket costs CHF 43. After buying the ticket, consult the departure panels and board any train that lists Lausanne as one of its destinations.

Train, metro and bus timetables, as well as, online trip planner can be found here.


There is a large selection of hotels in Lausanne (see here for a description of some of them). However, as June is a very busy month in Lausanne, making your reservation as soon as possible is recommended.

The easiest way to find a hotel is to use aggregators like Expedia, Hotwire, or Travelocity. As the public transportation in Lausanne is very efficient and free when one is staying in a hotel (see above), most of the hotels in Lausanne is within reasonable travel distance from the EPFL campus.

Below we describe a few options.

Starling Hotel. A hotel right on the EPFL campus - 6 min. walk from the workshop's venue.
Special offer for workshop's participants: Upon mentioning code AFW 2012 while booking the room over phone or email (not via online reservation system), a special rate of CHF 160.- for a single room and CHF 195.- for a double room should be available. This rate includes breakfast and WiFi access.

Hotel Ibis Lausanne Center. A hotel in the Lausanne's center - within 5 min. walk of the Vigie M1 metro station.

Hotel du Marché. A budget hotel in the center of Lausanne - within 8 min. walk of the Lausanne-Flon M1 metro station.

Lausanne Guesthouse and Backpacker Hotel. A backpackers hotel very close to the Lausanne train station - within 16 min. walk (or quick trip via M2 metro line) of the Lausanne-Flon M1 metro station.

Lunch options at EPFL

EPFL campus features a large variety of lunch options, ranging from regular restaurants to cafeterias (called "Self-service"), foodtrucks (called "Roulottes"), and caffes (called "Cafétérias"). Their most comprehensive coverage can be found on this webiste. This website is available only in French, but should be relatively self-explanatory. (Also, one might find its Google-translated version helpful - unfortunately, some of the links do not work properly here.)

Important note: Most of the cafeterias at EPFL do not accept credit cards. Please make sure you have an adequate supply of CHF cash. (There is an ATM on EPFL campus here.)

Below we describe only a few possible options that are close to the workshop's venue. (Clicking on the provided links brings up the menu and prices (marked with "V") for the current day.)

Cafétéria BC (Google-translated version), 10-12 CHF per meal. A conveniently located cafeteria just on the fourth floor of the BC building.

Le Puur Innovation (Google-translated version), 12-14 CHF per meal. A very good cafeteria with a diverse menu (directions).

Le Corbusier (Google-translated version), 9-12 CHF per meal. One of the best vegetarian options on campus, but also has non-vegetarian options including fresh pizza (directions).

L'Ornithorynque (Google-translated version), 9-13 CHF per meal. Another recommended cafeteria featuring a diverse menu (directions).

Le Parmentier (Google-translated version), 8-12 CHF per meal. Yet another well-liked cafeteria (directions).

La Table de Vallotton (Google-translated version), 18-40 CHF per meal. A regular restaurant, requires prior reservation (directions).

Pizza (Google-translated version). A pizza foodtruck very close to BC building (directions).

Cafétéria INM (Google-translated version). A caffe that features basic sandwitches and snacks very close to BC building (directions).